This profile has been deleted or has not been created yet.

This profile has been deleted or has not been created yet.

Why Users are deleted?

Users in are getting deleted for various reasons. first, since the user itself here have access to delete button which is         in the left main menu inside the user profile when he/she is logged in. Second  could be that the user profile could not be accepted        by our policies and we may take decision to delete the user from our website entirely and the user itself in addition to the other users        we no longer see the content of the selected user, and the user itself will no longer be able to login and connect to others.        those policies could be Uploading Bad photos, Fake identity, bulk unwanted messages.

Bad Photo:

According to our policies a user must not upload bad photos. all the users photo will be checked and accepted in every 12 hours.        Once we found a user that uploading bad photos we may only delete that photo or if it was repeated or the nature of that photo        could be so much harmful that we may end up deleting the entire account to protect our users.        Each profile photo or gallery photo should be the photo of the person with a normal cloth wear and do not intended to show        parts of his/her bodies. such photos will be subject to be deleted and if this repeated we may decide to suspend or delete the         account entirely completely

Fake Identity:

We are always periodically check profiles for profile correctness and truthful, and we also check the internal             messages randomly to make sure no one is sending out unwanted bulk messages or spams and in addition to that we also check our logs of other            users spam reports to admin and once identified we will get steps ahead and check that reported user profile. in case that we came to the             decision that the user is not real him/herself and is just sending bulk advertising messages we will decide to delete the entire            user profile account to protect our other users from safety and privacy.

Self Deletion:

Some times users on our website may find themself to go and delte their own account that will result in other users comming to this page redirected instead.This could be because they might have found some one and they do not come to this website again since they are commited to some one else, or they may have found our website services not desired for them, So that they decide to delete their whole entire account.


In final words we hope you find our services great and would be so much proud to provide great services to you and refuse this page since that user you were trying to reach is no longer available.